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Consciously crafted with unrivaled detail and only the best sustainable materials.

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Enbois Originals® offers only the highest quality natural jewelry and accessories sourced from some of the most renewable materials across the globe. Designed and assembled in South Florida, each wooden piece is unique in its natural grain offering a one of a kind product that you can be proud to wear knowing that each purchase contributes to reforestation efforts.

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About The Initiative

With the help of our dedicated partners, each Enbois product sold plants ONE tree and contributes to reforestation and sanitation efforts across Haiti.



It costs just 80 cents USD  to plant one tree on protected watershed land in Haiti. With each and every item purchased from #enbois we donate exactly $3.00 USD to our official partners: Grown In, and Pou Bel Ayiti. Your donation guarantees that at least one tree will be planted and nurtured until mature. Your donation also contributes to educational seminars on the importance of sustainability and reforestation along with sanitation efforts across Haiti. Follow the links to our partners to learn more about these grassroots projects.    

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 PROTOJE - Courtesy of  @nkosiart

PROTOJE - Courtesy of @nkosiart

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CHRONIXX - Courtesy of @tizzy_tokyo

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STEPHEN MARLEY - Courtesy of @radiantsun9