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Tiger Ebony Wood Trio Set
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Africa Cocoa Set
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Adisa Walnut Sunglasses
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Enbois Originals® offers only the highest quality wooden jewelry and accessories sourced from some of the most renewable materials across the globe. Designed and assembled in South Florida, each wooden piece is unique in its natural grain offering a one of a kind product that you can be proud to wear knowing that each purchase contributes to reforestation efforts.

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e n b o i s

Each  New  Bead  Offers  Its  Support

enbois - (en•bwa) French for the term "wooden", which signifies the essence of all our natural pieces.


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An official partner of TheHaitiTreeProject.org


About The Initiative

For each and every item purchased, one tree is planted in areas of Haiti affected by deforestation, by the help of our official partner, TheHaitiTreeProject.org


It costs exactly $1.00 USD to plant and nurse one tree on protected watershed land in Haiti. With each and every item purchased from #enbois we donate exactly $1.00 USD to our official partner, TheHaitiTreeProject.org who will plant and nurse each tree until adulthood. Once the trees become of age they are distributed to local farmers to be planted in deforested parts of South Haiti. 

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"Fort de ce succès inattendu, le jeune homme a voulu rattacher une responsabilité sociale à son oeuvre." 


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"..(enbois) has the approval of some of The Rock’s finest and clean styles for every season"


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JESSE ROYAL - Courtesy of @nkosiart

JESSE ROYAL - Courtesy of @nkosiart

CHRONIXX - Courtesy of @tizzy_tokyo

CHRONIXX - Courtesy of @tizzy_tokyo

STEPHEN MARLEY - Courtesy of @radiantsun9

STEPHEN MARLEY - Courtesy of @radiantsun9