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The Purpose

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With the help of our dedicated partners, each Enbois product sold plants ONE tree and contributes to reforestation efforts across the Caribbean.


"Pour une Monde plus vert et plus propre."

 "For a greener and cleaner World."

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The Partners



Clarity is key

It costs on average about $0.80 cents USD to plant one tree. But planting trees is only half the battle. There is no conservation without education. With each and every order from Enbois Originals, we donate exactly $3.00 USD to our official partners. These partners not only plant trees but focus on projects organized by local leaders to engage and educate communities on the importance of environmental conservation through Reforestation. Your donation helps our partners receive the resources they need to continue engaging their communities while getting trees planted in the areas that need them most.







Currently, we are funding tree planting projects in three areas of the Caribbean including Haiti, Mexico and Jamaica. Our goal is to spread funding and awareness to more areas across the Caribbean and Central America. If we can circulate a tree planting culture among the areas deepest affected by deforestation we can have a direct impact on the livelihood of future generations.

 Have a suggestion on where we should go next? Get in touch!   


Like many islands in the Caribbean, the country of Haiti has experienced an alarming rate of deforestation in the past 20 years. Today, much of Haiti's natural rain forests are threatened by deforestation. Charcoal production remains the number one cause of deforestation in Haiti and has turned mountains once rich in lush forest and fertile soil into barren desert land. Deforestation not only dries the land, making it extremely hard to farm for locals, but also  magnifies the effects of heavy rains causing landslides and damage to river banks. Reforestation efforts are important because trees help reduce heavy rain runoff, lower the risk of erosion, reduce our carbon footprint, control the effects of floods, regulate the temperature, and provide habitats for valuable species. 


The Good News!

It's not too late! As a generational shift towards eco consciousness begins to rise, more of a focus is dedicated to protecting our environment by educating future generations on the immediate importance of conservation. Now it's time to reforest! Support our efforts to build a better tomorrow by bringing awareness of this problem with our products! Wear them proudly and spread the word that a new generation is emerging! A generation conscious of its actions and environment. 




About the Founder


"What started out as a creative hobby in my college apartment, soon turned into a business with the help and support of many of my college friends at the University of South Florida. The name "enbois (pronouced en-bwa)" which means wooden, soon began to build popularity but i found myself questioning what would separate myself and my business from other jewelry retailers....."

"i came up with the idea to sell my pieces for a reason, a greater purpose. I first looked to an organization that i worked with personally in the past, the Haitian Resource Development Foundation, and decided to help fund a project that improves resources in education and distance learning programs in rural areas of Haiti. After finishing this project, I was introduced to the world of reforestation and knew immediately that this was the perfect fit for our products. 

The rest of this story is still being written, stay tuned to see where this journey takes us!




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